Thursday, 4 June 2009

Introduction - The Research

This research is an exploration of modern approaches to ancient Egyptian religion. It involves some first hand ethnographic work, in which I ask questions of the modern faithful and practicing. These are constructed in an attempt to better understand the continued appeal of ancient Egyptian religion, and also the ways in which Egyptian religion is being used in the construction of identity, personal empowerment and social interaction. It is a non-judgemental study, and does not seek to undermine any faiths in favour of others.

Below is a disclosure sheet which includes some brief information on the work, my identity, institution, and finally your rights, which include an opt-out at any point. There is currently no need for legal waivers as the data will be anonymous, and I will be the only person to hold any record of our conversations.

If you are still interested in answering some questions you may be assured by your own anonymity in the project. I ask that you provide a web handle or nickname that I might attribute any quotes, should I need to use them in the thesis.

Please see the link above if you are interested in partaking of the study. The link is to an online survey form that you can fill in at your leisure, save and come back to if needs be. Alternatively, you may contact me directly should you have any questions. I hope that you will find the research both interesting and original, and a positive experience to be a part of, should you choose.

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