Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Website

Primarily aimed at our media friends, I'm putting a new site together as a form of online resumé/snapshot of 'me, me, me!' I hope that together with Past Preservers, it will help make my work more visible to folks seeking ruggedly handsome Egyptologists. Well...a man can dream.

It also, more importantly, will host interviews and videos of me promoting aspects of the research, including my upcoming publication of 'Profane Egyptologists: The Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Religion', the 'Eye on the Needle' documentary (watch this space) and my comic book project in association with Dr Will Brooker's (aka 'Dr Batman') forthcoming DCU parody, 'My So-Called Secret Identity'. . I hope this will make the works more accessible to anybody interested in these subject, including the participants who very kindly gave their time to help me complete my thesis on ancient Egyptian religion.

Watch this space...

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